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Largemouths and Spots

In an effort to add some class to this page of trash fish, you'll notice that in some of the pictures there are smallmouths being held up with the largemouths and spots!  :^) 

Seriously, nobody complains when a 5 to 8 pound largemouth, or spot over 3 pounds decides to latch onto one of our baits, but you can tell in an instant that it's not a big smallmouth.   

To view the pictures below, click on the thumbnails (NOT the text description underneath) to view the full-sized picture.

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Gene Pendley and Billy Brindle            Calhoun, GA             3/21/02                      Norman Deep LittleN                              Both guys caught plenty of fish, but Gene had a streak where he was catching a giant on EVERY cast for awhile! There may still be some discussion as to whether Billy thinks Gene blocked him from the best spot! Steve with Jeff Kelble                        Largemouth over 7#                              December 2004        Joseph Poole             Stockbridge, GA      Rapala DT-16           February 7, 2006     (Just a few days ago!) Larry and Trey         Nolan                         Memphis, TN            May 19, 2003            Spinnerbait in flood conditions Norman McGee        West Point, TN        One of the church leaders where I preach, and one of the wisest, most godly, and humble men I know.                         Largemouth over 7# Don Thomas and         Randy Cates          Memphis, TN        November 10, 2005     


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lm_me_Oct.jpg (51245 bytes)

Dan Makauskas      Lombard, IL             July Joel Tucker             Helena, AL               Spinnerbait and       Norman Deep LittleN Steve with 8# 2 oz.    Pickwick largemouth caught on a white grub. Mike Hurst and         Hilry Woodruff          Ripley, MS                 June 11, 1998           Carolina rig Lizard Sherry Whitten        Germantown, TN       10/26/01                     This was a BRUTAL weather day, so rough that another local angler drowned, and BASSMASTER did an article on his partner's rescue. Steve with 7#        October LM.      


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spot_100fishBrindle12_16_03.jpg (225615 bytes)

PaulB_lm2.jpg (68662 bytes) (72657 bytes)

Brad Barker and     Bill Balsi, Jr.           Reno, NV Steve and LM Paul Bruun                 Jackson, WY             December 1996              5# and 7# LM             Spinnerbait Billy and Blake Brindle                        Calhoun, GA               12/16/03                           I tallied their fish on paper as they boated them, and we quit that afternoon when they boated their 100th bass! Lots of nice spots mixed in here. Paul Bruun               Jackson, WY            (trip info missing) Tommy Brindle and    Ed Clance        Calhoun, GA             3/8/04                        Crankbaits and spinnerbaits              You'll notice that  there are Smallmouths,  LM, and Spots in their hands--a Grand Slam.


spot_4_6LarryP2_20_04.jpg (83208 bytes)

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Larry Pugh              2/20/04                       4# 6oz. Spot                Leadhead jig Earl Ward                Geneva, AL               Near 4# Spot Fred Wiseman           Jonesboro,AR              4# Spot Tom Fouts                   Cornelia, GA             Pair of 3# Spots Tom Stemberger      Griffin,GA                    3# Spot Don Perry                 Birmingham, AL         3# Spot

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