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Eddie Rogers, Cleveland, TN

Blue Catfish

Steve with Blue Catfish Dieter Kirch with Paddlefish. They are protected, and this one was released immediately. More pix of Dieter on the Tribute page. Richard Turnbo,  Lyles, TN

Blue Catfish from Wilson Lake

Tom Stemberger, Griffin, GA

Longnose Gar

Ray Miller, Conway, AR

Longnose Gar


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Jeff Kelble, VA

14# Hybrid

White Hair Jig

Frank Wojciechowski, Frederick, MD


As exotic as it gets on Pickwick! This is not a baby gar, but an Atlantic Needlefish, a saltwater fish that, like stripers, can live in fresh water. Pickwick is the furthest inland that they occur in the world. TVA biologist Donny Lowery sent me pictures of Striped Mullet they've shocked up on Pickwick, too. Randy Wiek, Nashville, TN

Blue Catfish

Elliott (circa 1993), with a Longear Sunfish. Check out the Playskool reel and Snoopy vest! We have two kinds of Gar in Pickwick Lake: Longnose Gar and Spotted Gar. Spotted Gar favor the sluggish backwaters and sloughs, the Longnose the main river. What we are catching are big Longnose Gar, not Alligator Gar, which do not live here.

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