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Big Pickwick Smallmouths

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Paul and Dave Mansell  3/14/97   Five best 29# 8oz.   Ten best 53# 10oz.       Grubs and bucktails Kevin Moore           Reno, NV   3/28/01     6# 4oz.          Tube Blake and Billy Brindle  Calhoun, GA  3/12/04                    Tubes and spinnerbaits Chad Appleton/Steve Colvin     11/14/01   Shad                               Both with fish over 6# Jim Walker/Roger Conner     11/5/04   Shad                              Part of 75 bass catch! Tom Fouts/Jim Bruce   Cornelia, GA  10/28/97


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Steve with over 14#                         Tubes with KnB craw Mike Whitten 2/26/01       Germantown,TN            Tubes with KnB  Bruce Holt           Woodland, WA         G.Loomis Rods           Jig John Friesz           Hayden Lake, ID        NFL QB: Seahawks, Patriots,  Redskins. Still holds many NCAA passing records.          Bucktail Trey Teague    3/14/03                 Starting Center Buffalo Bills                             Tube Jeff Berg             Lombard,IL                       6# 8oz.    4/16/97        Carolina-rigged grub


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Brad Barker/Bill Balsi, Jr. Reno, NV  6/23/99 Billy Brindle/Gene Pendley Calhoun, GA  3/21/02 Billy Brindle/Gene Pendley Calhoun, GA  3/7/01 Bob Grube, St. Louis Fred Wiseman, Jonesboro, AR 10/31/02 Charles Payne and Brandon Craddock Lilburn, GA         August 8, 2003             Cotton Candy grubs, Tubes Dave Mansell and Roger Fuller  4/24/02                  Worms                                5 best: 26-10


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Steve with 6# 10oz. caught on a spinnerbait in Dec. '98 while "fun fishing" with David Kirchner Paul Bruun           Jackson, WY December               Spinnerbait Steve with 7# 2oz. caught in April on a spinnerbait  Paul Bruun           Jackson, WY Steve with 7# 9oz JenniferSkillern             Bowling Green, KY 10/2/00                           6# 4oz.


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Dave Mansell and Steve 3/20/03          Five best: 25# 8oz.       Tubes and grubs Dave Mansell           K.C., MO 3/17/03                       7#   Tube Steve and Frank Mann 11/16/00                          5 best: 28# 10oz.


Jeff Collins and Brad White     Marion, IN 4/16/98                        Hula Grubs and Lizards Jim Bruce and Tom Fouts     Cornelia, GA  10/27/97 Jim Hefner and Mike Uthlaut     St. Louis, MO 4/27/00                  Bubble Gum Flukes

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