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Big Pickwick Smallmouths

This picture below is the one fish on the entire website that was not caught by me or a client fishing with me--but I just HAD to put it on here! It is of friend Jeff Smith with an absolutely monstrous 9 lb. 5 oz. smallmouth that he caught on a white bucktail jig on Pickwick in a local club tournament in February of 1987.


I can't believe how many pictures I could NOT find when compiling these galleries, like of the trip with George Pollack from Wooddale, IL. We boated 35 smallmouths on an absolutely miserable weather day late one fall. We weighed 20 of the fish and wrote the weights down as we released the fish, then added it up:       20 smallmouths, 93 lbs. 15 oz.--and I can't find any pictures of that trip, and many others! 

Many clients have been fishing with me for 15 years or more, and some of those people 3 or 4 trips per year, and some trips up to 5 days long, so you'll see some of the same faces several times in here. The captions will let you know when the picture was taken and that it's not just the same fish over and over :^).

When I have the specific details on a trip (weight of fish, baits used, etc), they are included in the captions underneath the pictures. The Jaz drive on my desktop computer died (pretty common, as I hear it), so I lost access to a lot of the information, but still had the images on the camera disks. And I was able to scavenge quite a bit of information from old newsletters and notes in my appointment books.

To view the pictures below, click on the thumbnails (NOT the text description underneath) to view the full-sized picture.

BBrindle_3.22.02_6.5.jpg (70460 bytes)

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pick_MarlinSk6.6.jpg (79171 bytes)

Billy Brindle, 3/22/02 Calhoun, GA.               6# 5oz.                           1 oz. Spinnerbait Scott Bradford, 4/10/00               Marion, IN.                     7# 6oz.             Tube Brad Barker 4/3/2000                           Haines, OR.                   6# 8oz.             Tube Joe Muhler, March16     Ft.Wayne, IN  6#6oz.  White Bucktail, 4# line Mike Eifrid, 3/28/2000 Plymouth, IN.                   6# 1oz          Tube Marlin Skillern, 12/21/00                      B.G., KY.  6-6, 5-10        Cocahoe Minnow Jig


pick_DaveM_RandyW.jpg (56803 bytes)

pick_DaveRahrer_ScottB.jpg (65569 bytes)

pick_12.20.93_37.4.jpg (150979 bytes)

pick_JimWalker7.9.jpg (72384 bytes)

pick_BillO_FrankM2_29_01.jpg (84072 bytes)

pick_me7.8.jpg (129535 bytes)

Dave Mansell and     Randy Wiek    4/13/00                               5Best:28#6oz.                     Yamamoto Hula Grub on 1/2oz. leadhead Dave Rahrer/Scott Bradford Marion, IN. Same day as pic above.                       Big fish: 7# 6oz.  Tubes and Spinnerbaits Steve, Jim Walker, Tom Orr, 12/20/93     6-13, 5-14, 5-4, 7-9,    5-0, 6-12.                  Total 37# 4oz.        Spinnerbaits Jim Walker 12/20/93                    Franklin, TN.              7# 9oz.           Spinnerbait Bill O'Brien and Frank Mann 2/29      One 7#, three 6's           5 best: 31# 0oz.            Tubes Steve with 7# 8oz.


pick_BillBalsi7.6.jpg (60107 bytes)

pick_ButchSk7s.jpg (73714 bytes)

pick_me7.3.jpg (49853 bytes)

pick_BillDobbs4_1_04.jpg (177648 bytes)

pick_6_10hi_resJimB10_17_02.jpg (97854 bytes)

pick_GeneP7s3_9_01.jpg (92053 bytes)

Bill Balsi, Reno, NV  3/30/01.   Tubes        Two fish: 14# 4 oz. Butch Skillern, 12/21/00      B.G., KY. Two 7's             Cocahoe Minnow Jig Steve with 7# 3oz.      Fish was only 21.25"          Spinnerbait Bill Dobbs 4/1/04         7#                               Spinnerbait Jim Bruce        Cornelia, GA   10/17/02                       6# 10oz.       Shad Gene Pendley 3/9/01    Lafayette, GA                  7# & "almost" 7     Slider craw tube


pick_DaveM4f3_17_03.jpg (88100 bytes)

pick_Roger_Dave3_15_04.jpg (83911 bytes)

pick_Marlin_Butch7_63_13_01.jpg (61231 bytes)

pick_me_Marlin_Butch3_13_01.jpg (67230 bytes)

pick_me_JonR3_19_01.jpg (63249 bytes)

pick_BillyB_Gene3_9_01.jpg (83086 bytes)

Dave Mansell            K.C., MO   3/17/03                         5 best: 29# 4oz.     Tubes Roger Fuller and        Dave Mansell   3/18/03                       (next day)                   Five best over 27# Marlin and Butch Skillern   B.G., KY  3/13/01 Tubes                  7# 6oz & 7# 0oz.              5 best: 29-12 Steve with Marlin and Butch.   Same day as picture at left. Steve and Jon Radt         Palatka, FL    3/19/01                        Two 7's and a 6# 14oz. Tube Billy Brindle and    Gene Pendley     Same day as picture above.       3 days 5 fish limits @ 71.5#


pick_TomFouts5_5_98.jpg (170060 bytes)

BBrindle_1.30.02.jpg (69245 bytes)

pick_ButchEpting4_7_03.jpg (65105 bytes)

pick_MikeGraham73.jpg (104422 bytes)

pick_me7.12.jpg (56185 bytes)

pick_FredW7lb10_25_01.jpg (73641 bytes)

Tom Fouts                Cornelia,GA                   May 5, 1998 Billy Brindle            January 30, 2002                              6# 2oz.   Tube Butch Epting  4/7/03                   Cornelia, GA                6# 11oz.             Jerkbait: LC 110 Flash  Mike Graham   2/28/02  Collierville, TN           7# 3oz.         Tube Steve with 7# 12oz.       3/17/00                             White bucktail jig Fred Wiseman  10/25/01                 Jonesboro, AR     7#            Shad

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