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Big Pickwick Smallmouths

Here I am with friend Larry Young and a five fish tournament limit of smallmouths that weighed 25.89 lbs., winning the Team Bass Pickwick Lake open tournament on March 21, 1992, out of Pickwick Dam . We caught all the fish on white bucktail jigs. The fish I'm holding in my left hand (far right in the photo) weighed 6# 9oz. and was the biggest smallmouth weighed in the tournament.  Larry did a great job netting that fish, as I barely had it hooked in the skin around the eye! He caught our last big smallmouth of the day (culling a smaller spotted bass) on the last cast of the day on a place I had found a couple of weeks earlier that we caught most of our fish from. Larry is one of the best fishermen and nicest guys I know, with a lifetime of experience on Pickwick. He's the one that got me fishing bucktail jigs so many years ago, and I owe him many thanks.

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Jim Allgeier        Ramsey, IN  12/6/97                       6# 4oz. Don Wirth           Outdoor Writer Extraordinaire. Nashville, TN Steve with 7# 8oz. Dave Schmitt and    Rodney Brooks            (info on trip lost) Jim Walker              Franklin, TN            11/22/05 Jim Walker              Franklin, TN                (info on trip lost)   


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Steve with whopper March '01 Mat Lipscomb III and Pat McEvoy       10/10/97 Steve with Keith and Pam Gottfried 10/15/97 Carolina rig/shad A few years earlier, Steve performing Keith and Pam's wedding ceremony in his boat, anchored in Spring Creek. Two boats of friends witnessing; one of several "on the water weddings" for Steve.  Mike and Linda LaPresi, Tucker, GA  10/11/99 Mike Giles and     Roger Fuller        Hawkinsville, GA     March 21, 2000       Both with fish over 6#   Grubs and jigs


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Jeff Collins             Marion, IN                4/19/00 Lou Zaydon            Harrisburg, PA      11/17/00                      C-O-L-D Day! Steve with a September giant Mike Whitten          Germantown, TN      3/27/03                       Tube Sherry Whitten        Germantown, TN     10/26/01                    Shad Mike Whitten          Germantown, TN     10/29/04                         Five Best: 27# 9oz.


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Tim and Mike Graham                    Collierville, TN       10/23/97 Nathaniel and Tom Fouts                        Cornelia, GA           July 20, 1999 Ray Miller                 Conway, AR               11/1/01 Rick Russell and     Chad Dorning           12/15/05                    Tubes and crankbait Sherry Mike, and Meredith Whitten          10/15/04 Mike and Sherry Whitten                     Germantown, TN      10/25/02                      For some eye-popping details and stories about this day, click here


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Ray Miller               Conway, AR            9/25/03 Rick Hart                Bonne Terre, MO  12/3/03 Rodney Brooks         (details lost) Brian Wilson            Calhoun, GA              March '05                  Leadhead jigs Tom Batchelor          Memphis, TN            September 10, 1997 Tom Orr                    Hinsdale, IL              12/20/98                     White bucktail jigs

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