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Big Pickwick Smallmouths

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Tom Fouts                Cornelia, GA            September 12, 2001  The day after the event that changed our world. Joseph Poole           Stockbridge, GA     September 17, 2003 Tom Stemberger      Griffin, GA                October 28, 2005 Pam Gottfried            Lombard, IL               10/16/98 Brian Wilson            Memphis, TN             June 12, 1998 Wendy Fouts             Cornelia, GA             October 13, 2005


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Tom Orr                   Hinsdale, IL             12/20/93                    6# 12oz.                    Spinnerbait Tom and Nathaniel Fouts                         Cornelia, GA           3/23/02                     "The coldest I've ever been."--Nathaniel David Graham and     Tom Stemberger       November 3, 2004 Jeff Hamilton and      Vic Daily                  November 18, 2005 Joseph Poole             Stockbridge, GA       Beau Brooks


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Blake Brindle         Calhoun, GA            3/7/03                       Tubes and spinnerbaits Brad White              Marion, IN                4/16/98 Steve with 7# 1oz.     Bomber 6A Chuck Hannaford     Germantown, TN       10/10/02                     6#                                 Tube Chuck Klass              Naperville, IL             3/12/98                       White bucktail Clint Venable            Greenwood, IN           10/23/98                    


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pick_JasonS_TreyT3_14_03.jpg (76895 bytes)

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Don Thomas and      Richard Cheek        Memphis, TN           10/5/98 Bobby Jones and      Harold Mayo             Powell, TN                   A day in May when we had to seek shelter from tornadoes. Jason Smith and        Trey Teague               Jackson, TN               3/14/03                       Tubes and grubs Jeff Collins and         Brad White                 Marion, IN                  4/20/00 Jim Allgeier and       Melvin Ables              Ramsey, IN                 12/15/98                     Grubs and spinnerbaits Jim Satterlee and      Mike Peters               OKC, OK                    11/11/02


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Dave Dvorak            Westchester, IL       May 4, 2000 Dave Kerns              K.C., MO                   3/16/01                     Centipede Ed Clance                    Calhoun, GA               3/9/04 Ed Clark                      Peachtree City, GA   President Atlanta Motor Speedway         5/7/02 Ed McIntire                 Cleveland, TN             11/6/01 Ed Ulmer                     Meridian, MS            September 8, 1997    Nice "Brock-a-brella"

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